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Dennis recently moved to New Mexico and is actively pursuing a career as a writer. He has written 3 plays, including a one-man play about the iconic baseball player, Babe Ruth. He is now working on a series of children's books, "Grandma and Grandpa and the Little Red Car Travel to . . . "


In 2003, Dennis rescued Mitzi, who had spent the first 5 years of her life chained in her backyard. They have been a team ever since.


In the US Air Force, Dennis was trained as a K-9 handler by the Royal Air Force while stationed in England. On his retirement from the Air Force, he worked in a non-profit organization helping facilitate access to the benefits provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act. He has also been an actor on stage and screen.


In 2008, he met his wife, Carolyn, and has introduced her to skydiving. sailplane flying, and the joy of having a dog. She took him on his first whitewater rafting adventures, including a 3-day trip on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.



Glenn “Woody” Woodrome is a freelance illustrator from the enchanted land of New Mexico. He currently resides in the beautiful city of Rio Rancho with his loving wife. Along with children’s books, he loves testing his skills in other art forms like landscape painting, web-comics and graphic design. Woody’s creative work can be seen on,, and on his Facebook page.



Mitzi is a 20-year-old boxer/shepherd mix, who was rescued from an abusive environment when she was 5 years old. Since then, she has lived in Tennessee, Texas, and New Mexico, where she loves looking at the mountains. She lives with her Dad, Dennis, and her Mom, Carolyn. The story of her life is told in first person in the book, Mitzi: Tale of a Dog.

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